This gmsh script allows to create animated inscriptions based on their monochrome pictures.The script generates a set of gif files which can be converted to one gif file.


Visualization of the analytical solution to the problem of the magnetic field distribution around the square loop (0.5 m x 0.5 m). The values of magnetic field vector B are saved in the nodes of the triangle mesh in the file b.vtk

Paraview & Gmsh

The Python script allows to visualize the electric field of an arbitrary set of point charges on the arbitrary mesh generated with Gmsh.

Input data :
mesh.vtk - 3D mesh generated with gmsh on the geometry given in the file cube.geo. Definition of positions and charge values.

Output  data : 
mesh_out.vtk- 3D mesh with values of the electric field given in the mesh nodes.

3D Mesh (Gmsh)

Electric field (Paraview)